Thursday, September 18, 2008

hello st. charles!!!

welp, i'm home. yesterday was a really long day of flying but it went really smoothly. i got to watch 3 movies on the plane which made the time fly pretty quickly. and i got a couple magazines which made my layover in philly go by pretty quickly too. and i think the thought of being home made me so giddy that i couldn't sleep or anything :) i was so excited to be greeted by my parents at the baggage claim.... but that didn't exactly happen. my mom asked me not to tell anyone what happened but i assured her i would be blogging about it ;) hahaha. so my plane landed about 15 minutes early so i figured that they wouldn't be there yet so i wouldn't get the welcome that i thought which was ok. i was just so excited to see them. so the minutes began pass and after i got my bag and checked my clock i realized it was about 9:30. i wasn't really sure where they were at and started to worry that maybe they got the day wrong and didn't even know i was in town. but that couldn't be right.... i mean, i blogged about it in almost all of my last 12 blogs. so i decided to walk around the airport a bit and see if maybe they were waiting for me outside. i checked in the underground parking - not there. i checked in the passanger pick-up area thats outside - not there. hmmmmm i thought to myself as i started to get irritated (keep in mind that it was really like 4:30am paris time and i was extremely sleep deprived by this point). so i tried to call my mom's cell phone collect since i didn't have a cell phone but i found out you can't make collect calls to a cell phone. so this nice old man let me borrow his cell phone to call them. so my mom answered and was like "you're here!" and i said "yeah, i am. where are you?" and she explained that they had been waiting for my call to come pick me up. which i thought interesting considering the fact that they knew i threw my phone away when i left for europe and they knew what time my flight arrived.... so as i got choked up on the phone i was like "but you know i don't have a cell phone. how was i supposed to call you??" so i think she felt really bad and said they were on their way. so i basically stood at the side of the passenger pick up area pouting and thinking about how i could look the most mad with my body language. hahaha! i was making sure that i wasn't looking in the direction where the cars come from and i had my hands crossed, and of course a pissy look on my face (i'm so mature aren't i?!?!?!) ;) but that plan didn't work because a little after 10 i heard someone behind me say "umm, miss jackson...." and i turned around and it was my dad. and all i said to him was "i'm trying to not be really angry right now but its not really working...." but they both felt really bad about everything and the mix up and after a few minutes i wasn't quite as mad and immature :) and it felt soooooo great to walk into their house and know that i was home!!!!! and i slept like a baby in my bed!!!!! i thought that maybe i would sleep a lot since i was so pooped, but i woke up bright and early at 6:53am.... and once my parents woke up we went to none other than ------ FIRST WATCH!!!! yum! i have been craving it the whole time i was gone so it totally hit the spot. now i am just going to get back into the swing of things. i guess i will eventually have to find a job..... but really, who wants to rush into that :)

oh yeah, my new phone number. my dad made a good point that since this is a public blog i might not want to post it. so i will email it out. i'm pretty sure that i have everyone's email address, but if you don't get an email from me today with my new cell number let me know and i will send it your way.

it feels weird that i won't be letting everyone know my step by step of every day.... but i'm sure that will be a nice change for some ;) i can't wait to see everyone and talk more about stuff that i'm sure i forgot to blog about and catch up on whats been going on in everyone's lives since mid-july!!!!! :)


Stephen said...


Oh, and welcome home.


dineydine said...

We were headed to CG last night and I said timidly to T, it would be fun to drag the whole CG to the airport to welcome Jodi and he said, No, it's family time. So...we did think about you and talk about you and can't wait to welcome you back in fine style!!!! Til then, take some naps, kiddo, and brush up on your JT. XO :-D

Sarah said...

Welcome Home!!! Miss seeing your smiling face around the office. We're all looking forward to lunch (or happy hour) with you soon. Call us!!

Donna Harris said...

welcome home jodi!
Keep on blogging. you are so entertaining!

Adrienne said...

welcome back!!!! can't wait for our phone date in a few minutes! and yes, you can still let us know your step by step life experiences- i mean heck, i do on my blog, no matter how boring. :)

Wade said...

Oh waaaaa.

We don't need no stinkin' baloons, streamers, nor banners.

T'is good ta have ya home Princess.